All-in-One Sales Toolkit FAQ

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Q: How can I prevent using discount codes on top of a sale?

A: Please complete these 2 steps:
1. Create an Automated collection, say "Not on sale" : Shopify Admin > Products > Collections > Create collection > Automated > Compare at price is empty
2. Restrict desired discount codes only to this collection, by going to Shopify Admin > Discounts. For each discount code that you want restricted, click Discount details > APPLIES TO Specific collections > "Not on sale".

Q: How does the app handle Price vs. "Compare at price" when both are set?

A: The app disregards Price and only uses "Compare at price" to make further updates.

Initial prices on a product:
"Compare at price": 100 (full price)
Price: 66

Start a sale with 20% discount:
"Compare at price": 100 (full price)
Price: 80

End sales:
"Compare at price": empty
Price: 100

One cannot bring back the Price value of 66.

Q: Sale starts, but later prices revert back to full amount

A: There are 2 possible causes:

1. Using an inventory or product sync app. That may overwrite prices along with product inventory. Please ask that app team to check when updating prices if the product is on sale in Shopify. If so, put price in "Compare at price" field, not "Price".

2. Having the sale on a collection, or excluding a collection, which is set to use use price conditions or tags that change during the sale.

Warning: Do not create sales on Shopify collections that depend on tags added/removed from products when sale starts/ends, or on price (eg "Compare at price is empty"). In this case, Shopify will adjust the collections when sale starts, then the app will see the product is no longer part of requested collections and will turn off the sale.

Q: How to put on sale only product variants which are in stock?

A: In sale details, section "Which variants to include?", uncheck "All variants"
Choose "inventory quantity" is between 0 and 99999

Q: How can I automatically tag products which are on sale and create a link to them?

A: In app Settings, choose to add a tag when a product sale starts, and remove it when sale ends. If you already created a sale, click Re-apply sales. When completed, check if the products have the chosen sale tag.
Then create an automatic collection with products having the sale tag. This collection link can be added to navigation header or posted in ads/emails.

Q: Can the app work with variants/options created by other apps such as Quantity Breaks or Product Options?

A: No, sorry. The app knows how to work only with variants created in Shopify admin.