How to handle multiple Color variants on Shopify

The best way to handle multiple Color variants on Shopify is to split into multiple products, by Color. This has several important advantages and some downsides, which we'll show how to easily alleviate.


  • Show multiple Color variants as separate products on a collection page:

    This way customers see all the available color images of a product when browsing a collection, so they can discover what they actually like, instead of skimming over and going to search somewhere else.
  • Search engines will index and surface the appropriate product when people search for specific color terms.
  • Overcome the 100 variants limit, in case there are many other variations.

  • Downsides & Solutions

    Show all colors on the product detail page

    Even though there are separate products, it's possible to show all colors when looking at a product. Here are some examples:

    There are two steps to be done for each product group:
    1. Group products with a single common tag, so other tools can identify that as a product group.
    2. Create an automatic collection for each product group, based the common group tag.
    The Eushopa Toolkit app will do these automatically for you. It even recognizes potential groups based on product titles. You only have to confirm with one click:
    It can also automatically extract the color in a "Color-" tag, for each product in a group. To easily edit Color tags, add "Color-" in Settings > Product Management > Special product fields, then click Products, browse and edit.

    And finally, add the following theme code to show color images from all products in a group:

    Product maintenance

    Instead of managing a single product with six color variations, now you have to manage six products. This gets tedious if you need to edit the description after the initial setup.

    The Eushopa Toolkit app lets you view those products as a group, and edit description in a single place. It can also automatically set or remove tags based on conditions that you choose, or product option names.

    What do you think? Contact us if you need help to set this up.