All-in-One Sales Kit

Multiple ways of increasing sales and saving your team huge amounts of time by making common store management tasks easy and effective

Run multiple sales

Create a sale by choosing desired product criteria. Example: products with a specific tag, type or vendor etc.
Optional, limit the sale only to specific variant titles, inventory or SKUs, or exclude some variants.

Set desired pricing:
  • Discount by percentage
  • Discount by amount
  • Fixed sale price
Round prices to specific decimals, such as .99 or .49 (optional)

Scheduling (optional) has recurrence (once, daily or weekly) and desired day & time to start and end.

Tag management: Tags can be automatically added or removed to products when a sale starts or ends. This enables creating automatic collections for specific tags. Some examples of how this can be used:
  • Create a Sale collection to automatically include products with desired tag
  • Add a Daily Deals collection to your site that includes products on sale
  • Make your Front-page collection automatically include products on sale
  • Add a "Deals of the month" menu item, linked to an automatic collection
  • Exclude sale collections from discount codes you distribute to customers
No discount codes needed. Product prices are updated automatically by the app in Shopify admin. Customers see discounted prices as they browse the store, without requiring any discount code.

How it works: App updates product prices in your Shopify admin according to the sales that you create. When a sale starts: Compare at price is set to original product Price, and product Price is set to the discounted sale value. When a sale ends: Product Price is set back to Compare at price, and Compare at price is set to blank.

You can have multiple sales active at the same time. If a product is part of multiple sales, only one sale will apply (the one which results in smallest product price). Example:
  • Entire store sale at 30% Off
  • T-Shirts at 50% Off
will set T-Shirts at 50% Off.

Updating products in Shopify admin (eg add tags, change product type...) will update sale prices on those products in a few minutes, according to the sales you have setup.

Bulk edit products & images

Bulk edit product information such as tags, types, description, vendor, prices and images, with just a few clicks. Choose which products to edit using various filtering criteria.
Schedule repeating tasks to run daily / weekly.

Auto tagger

Automatically tag selected products, orders or customers with desired tags or metafields.

  • Tag products with Size tags that are in stock for each product, used by customers to filter by chosen size.
    Product filters: Merge similar option values into fewer, coherent options. Example: "XS, X Small, Extra small, 36, 37" should show as "X-Small"
  • Tag orders which include specific products or made by particular customers
  • Tag customers who ordered a specific Size or Color with that option value, for better email targeting and customization

Works great with Shopify Search & Discovery and themes which use Collection / Product filters 2.0 (provided by Shopify and complemented by us, no need to use another app).
results in

Product Images SEO

Rename image files and add Alternative Text to make it easier to discover your products on Google Images. Also, optimize file size for faster downloads, while preserving visible image quality and original dimensions.

Use patterns such as product title, type or vendor. This will automatically rename images when you make changes to product information.

Schedule a weekly task and keep your store SEO updated automatically as products are added and edited.

Batch Virtual Picture Framer

The effective way to batch generate image preview mockups for wall art online stores.

Place any picture onto your own template to see how it will look in a frame & on the wall.

Setup template Backgrounds & Placements only once, then use them for hundreds of preview mockups.

Generate all template images for a product in seconds. Images will be assigned to proper variants, based on template title and variant title. Built-in integration with Shopify and other platforms.


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Product Management

Run multiple sales

Bulk Edit

Bulk Image Edit

Auto tagger


Unlimited edits, Unlimited products per task, Unlimited scheduled tasks

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Batch Virtual Picture Framer

Unlimited templates

Unlimited image generation

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